President's Address by Dr. Roy Chan Chin Ming

Dear HKSSEP Members,

The HKSSEP has weathered some growing pains and ventured into a progressive period of approaching a steadying period.  We have a solid structure of offering courses and seminars to the members and public, and financially we have approached stability that as recently as two years ago, seems shaky at best.  But it is my duty to account for what is our strength and weaknesses so that we can move forward and grow. 


  1. We have the best Sport Psychologists and professionals in Hong Kong, and in essence have a monopoly on how Sport and Exercise Psychology will grow in the area.  It is up to us to develop Sport and Exercise Psychology as we see fit.

  2. We have solid Level 1 and 2 courses established, with good review and responses from the public.

  3.  We have a vision on how Sport and Exercise Psychology is going to move forward in Hong Kong.

  4. The Executive members work well together, and have approached good understanding on our roles.

Potential pitfalls:

  1. We lack members, especially young professionals in the field.

  2. We lack Sport Psychologists entering the field.

  3. Our Managing Council and Executive Board are lacking young professionals.

  4. We lack support from the Tertiary Education Institutes in Hong Kong, thus not making advancing Sport Psychology into the younger generation easy.

  5. Our Sport and Exercise Psychology courses will face obstacles when we try to develop higher levels.  We just do not have enough professionals with time at hand to develop and run these courses. 

When I was writing the above observations, I cannot help but remember that in less than two years, I will leave the post of President as mandated in our Constitution, since I cannot be on the post for more than two terms.  Although I will of course remain on the Board as Past President, and my dedication to HKSSEPs courses will remain unchanged.  It is my duty to put the idea that new leadership is going to be here soon. We will need to make smooth transition into a new era in the next two years.  I hereby invite you to look into yourself and think about what kind of role and dedication you will need, in order to move HKSSEP forward into a new and better place.

Yours Sincerely,

Roy Chin Ming Chan, PhD.

President, HKSSEP