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編輯顧問(Editorial Advisors

Prof. Stuart Biddle

Chief Editor, Journal of Psychology of Sport and Exercise
Former President of European Federation of Sport Psychology

Dr. Chi Likang

Vice-president of ASPASP
National College of Physical Education and Sport, Taiwan

Prof. Zhang Liwei

Professor, Beijing Sport University
Vice-President of the Chinese Sport Psychology Association
National representative of
China in ASPASP

Prof. Tony Morris

President of ASPASP
Victoria University of Technology, Australia.

Prof. Robert Weinberg

Professor, Department of Physical Education, Health and Sport Studies, University of Miami at Ohio


香港運動心理學報創刊於 2008 年 2 月,歡迎學者及專業人士投稿。稿件內容包括任何有關運動心理學之評論、專業應用方法和研究。全年歡迎投稿。


  1. 來稿可用中文或英文,但請同時附上中或英的譯名及中英摘要。

  2. 摘要以二百字為限。

  3. 請投交稿件一式兩份(A421 x 29.7 cm )及電腦碟 / 光碟,儲存檔案請以IBM Word / RTF格式。並在另頁列明作者、文題、所屬機構及通訊地址。

  4. 稿件不應超過二十雙行頁。

  5. 所有插圖或圖表應符合印刷之用。

  6. 來稿之格式及附註請遵照美國心理學協會印製之《出版手冊》(2001年版)。

  7. 所有來稿均須經過約星期的評審。

  8. 本學報編輯保留對稿件作出修改或不予接納之權利。

  9. 來稿請寄交:
      香港 九龍塘
      香港浸會大學 體育學系
      香港運動心理學報編輯  張小燕 教授

Guidelines for Contributors

Academics and professionals are welcome to contribute their research papers or articles to Hong Kong Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology which has  first published since February, 2008. Articles may include any research studies, current issues and professional applications in sport and exercise psychology. Papers are accepted year round. The guidelines for authors in preparing the manuscripts are as follows:

  1. Manuscripts must be written either in English or Chinese. An English title should accompany a Chinese title and vice versa.

  2. An abstract of not more than 200 words in both English and Chinese should precede each article.

  3. Manuscripts should be submitted in duplicate, printed on A4 (21 x 29.7 cm ) paper, with authorís name, affiliation, and corresponding address on a separate cover page. Please also submit a diskette / CDR containing the manuscript file in IBM or compatible Win Word / RTF format.

  4. The manuscript should not exceed 20 double spaced pages.

  5. Figures, tables, and graphs should be in camera ready form.

  6. The manuscript submitted should follow the format published by the American Psychological Association (5th ed., 2001).

  7. All submissions will go through the editorial review that approximately takes eight weeks.

  8. The editor reserves the right to make any necessary changes in any part of the articles, or reject the articles to be published.

  9. Please send the manuscript and the diskette to:
    Prof. Cheung Siu Yin,
    The Editor
    Hong Kong Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology
    Department of Physical Education
    Hong Kong Baptist University
    Kowloon Tong
    Hong Kong