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Message from the President...

Roy Chin Ming Chan, Ph.D.

The Idea of a Society for Sport and Exercise Psychology

The idea of establishing a Sport Psychology Society in Hong Kong actually happens a long time ago.  I remember talking about this idea in 1989 with two of my then colleagues Dr. Cheung Siu Yin and Dr. Lena Fung in the Chung Chi Student Canteen in The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  We even drafted some preliminary planning notes on setting up a Society of Sport Psychology.  Nothing came out of that meeting because at that time, there was not even a single Degree Program in Sports and Physical Education in Hong Kong.  The time then simply was not ripe for such a development, as the level of professional knowledge in Sport Science and Sport Psychology in the area is too elementary to support such a Society.  I have, however, kept the notes of that first meeting even to this day.  It is something on my back of my mind all these years, waiting for an opportune time to make it happen.

Times have changed, Fourteen years since that meeting, the Hong Kong Society of Sport and Exercise Psychology is established. In February 2003, I talked to several people active in Sport Psychology in Hong Kong, and they were very enthusiastic about the idea.  After some serious discussion sessions, we held our first meeting in March.  After some very efficient and enthusiastic planning by our Founding Members, we successfully held our Inaugural Seminar in November 22, 2003.

Sport and Exercise Psychology is significant for Hong Kong Sport Scene to move into the 21st Century

The HKSSEP will be a very important addition to the Sport, Exercise and Health scene in Hong Kong. 

In Sport:

With the upcoming Olympics in Athens and the 2008 Olympics in China, Hong Kong will be tested on whether it can move into the 21st century and compete on the World Stage.  For a well-developed city, Hong Kong’s performance in the sport is lagging behind, although it has its successful moments here and there.  With further government budget cut and limited commercial sponsorship, hard times seem to be around the corner.  Not to mention that Hong Kong’s sport training is quite behind in Sport Science support.  This is not to suggest that Hong Kong lacks Sport Science capability, where the Universities and the Hong Kong Sport Institute have made headways into Sport Science support of athletes.  It is the limited capacity it is playing.  The lack of enough qualified professionals and funding limited its impact.  And then the limit on high-level Sport Science education that coaches and athletes can access is putting a lid on the development of top-level performance programs.  With immediate expansion of Tertiary Education program for Sport Science not possible in the immediate future, and the budget cuts of government body like the Sport Development Board limiting its continued progress in the field of Coaches Education and Sport Science, it is up to us professionals and enthusiasts in Sport and Exercise Psychology to promote the its knowledge and its use.

In Health:

Hong Kong is the most populated and busiest city in the World.  With the economic down-turn of the past few years, the pace of everyday work-life is more frantic than before.  Long work hours with little rest and unhealthy recreation habit, Hong Kong people faces the threat of poor health, both mental and physical. Recreation Psychology is the means to turn people to healthier lifestyles. 

The HKSSEP is here to promote the education and use of Sport and Exercise Psychology.  There are thousands of coaches, athletes, PE teachers and sports and exercise enthusiasts in Hong Kong that can really use the knowledge and applied skills of Sport and Exercise Psychology, but have very few ways to acquire them.  The foremost importance of HKSSEP is to create a culture of Sport and Exercise Psychology in Hong Kong, dispense knowledge and become a starting point that leads people to know how Sport and Exercise Psychology can enhance their performance, health and their lives.

The HKSSEP, thankfully, is off to a great start, and we are fortunate to have solicited four renowned persons to be our advisers: Professor Fanny, Miss Siao Fong Fong, Mr. Chung Kin Man and Dr. Rebecca Lee Lok Sze.  Our advisors are each of them renowned in their areas of Psychology, Child Psychology, Exploration and Adventure Sports. With their willing help, we are on solid ground even as we are still just starting out

The road ahead is long, but not lonely.  As we who are practitioners of Sport and Exercise Psychology know, this road of experimenting and immersing ourselves in self-betterment is a joyful and interesting road.  Our wholehearted venture, hopefully with you readers joining us, would be full of wonderment and positive discoveries.  Our best wishes to you, and our sincere hope that you will join us.